Sixteenth Section 
United Methodist Church

People on the move: sharing God's Word, helping others, and learning 
to be everyday Christians.  Isn't it time you came home?

Loving God and Loving Others

At Sixteenth Section UMC we are not content to just come to church and warm the pews.  We are committed to carrying out the two greatest commandments--to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  

As a part of this commitment, we have a Mobile Food Pantry to help the needy. This idea sprang directly from our Youth Group and every other week they load our van with food and carry it to people in our community.  We deliver meals during Thanksgiving to the homebound in our area, and our list of ministry projects grows as our church grows.  And, on the 16th of every month we have a community dinner which is open to all members of our community and free to all.

If you are passionate about helping others and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have a place for you at Sixteenth Section UMC.


Come and See!!!