Sixteenth Section 
United Methodist Church

People on the move: sharing God's Word, helping others, and learning 
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Church Councils

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is the primary decision-making body for the church that all other committees in the church report to. In its monthly meetings, all areas of the church (committees, program areas, paid and volunteer staff) are examined and final approval is given (or denied) for any recommended action brought by any of those areas, including financial, personnel, and property matters. Members of this Council are the Chairpeople of the other councils, the Pastor, the Lay Leader, and the Finance/Membership Secretary. The Council meets monthly. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the receiving and expenditure of church funds, making sure that the funds are properly accounted for. The committee receives all financial information, compiles a complete annual budget and submits it to the Administrative Council for review and adoption. The committee has the responsibility for developing and implementing plans to raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the Administrative Council. The committee administers the funds received according to the instructions from the Administrative Council. The committee provides for an annual audit of the records of the financial officers of the church and all of the church organizations and reports that to the entire church at the annual church meeting (the "charge conference").

The Finance Committee meets quarterly.

Pastor Parish Relations

The Pastor Parish Relations Committee is our personnel committee that provides an oversight capacity for the pastor and other paid staff. The committee assists the pastor and staff in assessing their gifts and sets priorities for leadership and service. The committee keeps alert to the needs, interests, and moods of the church members and communicates that to the staff. The committee also communicates with the church membership the work of the committee when needed. 

The duties include encouraging, nurturing and supporting the pastor, the staff, and their families, interviewing candidates for other paid staff positions, creating a profile of the church and community that can be used by the Bishop to determine the proper pastor for the church, recommending salary and benefits for the staff every year, and evaluating the staff every year.

The committee meets at least quarterly or as called, and all meetings are confidential.  The Pastor must be present at meetings unless he/she excuses himself/herself.


The Board of Trustees has the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the church and all property and equipment acquired directly by the church or any group or organization connected to the church. The Trustees review annually the adequacy of the property, liability, and crime insurance coverage on all church-owned property, buildings, and equipment. The Trustees also review annually the adequacy of personnel insurance and reports its findings at the all-church meeting (the "charge conference"). The Trustees provide for the proper maintenance of all church-owned property, buildings, and equipment and make plans for the future development of properties. The Trustees help establish policies for the proper use of church facilities. The Trustees receive and administer all trusts of the church and invest all trust funds of the church in a legal, ethical, and moral manner. The Trustees represent the church in all legal matters.

The committee meets at least quarterly.


The Worship/Music Committee coordinates the worship activities of the church. The individuals who have responsibilities that relate to worship (music, communion, acolytes, ushers, refreshments, etc.) are members of the committee as well as other interested church members and the pastor. The committee works with the pastor to plan special worship experiences, retreats, and spiritual growth activities.

The committee meets monthly. (We do not currently have a Worship Committee at 16th Section)